Check out our webinar on Treats & Sweets success! Includes information on holding bake sales and using the online bakery. 

Six Sweet Steps for Fundraising Success

1.  Create your Treats & Sweets Day Online Bakery: 

Setting up an individual fundraising page, your Online Bakery, will help you to successfully raise funds in support of Pet Partners.  Instead of just collecting checks and cash, you can efficiently use online fundraising to spread the word to friends, family, coworkers and neighbors about your Treats & Sweets Day efforts, encouraging them to make donations online.  Bakers who raise funds online in addition to your Treats & Sweets Day party will typically raise more than double the “dough” of that of bakers who choose not to fundraise online.

Personalize your Treats & Sweets Day page with photos and messages. Let everyone know why you’re baking and raising funds for Pet Partners – your supporters are more likely to donate if they can understand your story and why supporting 

animal therapy is important to you.  Maybe you are participating because you are a handler, you recently retired your animal, or because you or a loved one has been the recipient of visit from a therapy animal team during a time it was needed.  Share your reason for baking.  Your friends and loved ones will be interested in learning more about this cause that is important to you.

Personalized emails to potential supporters will really improve your fundraising success!  Make a goal to send at least 15 personalized emails inviting your friends and family to support Treats & Sweets for Pet Partners.

Make sure to set a fundraising goal on your page for yourself and for those who will support you. Perhaps you will set a goal to raise $500 by Treats & Sweets Day and this will keep you focused and motivated. Your Online Bakery contains all the tools you will need to stay connected with your supporters, share your reasons for supporting Pet Partners, track fundraising progress and spread the word about your Treats & Sweets Day Party. A main ingredient to your Treats & Sweets Day success is getting folks to support your party in advance. This will provide a better idea of exactly how many treats and sweets to bake, and will allow you to spend more time connecting with your supporters rather than collecting cash and coins. Your Online Bakery is secure and convenient as well.  Don't forget to check out the Fundraising Guide for additional ideas. 

2.   Host a wonderful Treats & Sweets Day Party:

Hosting a successful Treats & Sweets Day party is as easy as pie!  Many people will choose to host their sale on April 30 in celebration of National Therapy Animal Day, but you can pick any day during the month of April that works for you and your sweet toothed customers. Remember, with Treats & Sweets Day parties you want to make certain you have tons of hungry and generous supporters.  There are a couple of ways to ensure this.  You could select a high-traffic location such as your work place, school, church, in front of a business, or during an existing community event, such as a sporting event.  Another way you could approach your Treats & Sweets Day party is to host a “by invitation” event at your home or another location.  Select a fun theme that fits your personality!  Here are some suggested theme parties:

  • Cookies & Coffee- Be a smart cookie and host a workplace party with perks!  Help your coworkers get the morning off to a great start with special coffee treats alongside your grandma’s world famous chocolate chip cookies.

  • Yappy Hour- Host a pet-friendly happy hour with your closest human and animal pals.  Serve homemade doggy treats for the animal guests in addition to all of the yummy people pleasing treats.

  • Muffin Monday- It is all or muffin!  Who doesn’t love a blueberry muffin on a Monday morning? 

  • Corks & Cupcakes- Put on your ruffled apron and your finest pearls, or sport that dapper bowtie and pair up some tasty cupcakes with wine or bubbly especially for your most generous Treats & Sweets Day donors.   Are you more of a beer person?  Then just go with Brownies & Brews! 

3.  Fill the kitchen by recruiting a baking team:

Don’t go it alone!  The more the tastier!  You can form a baking team for Treats & Sweets Day.  More bakers mean more bucks.  Form a company team, school team, Community Partner team, or whatever group you are associated with.  Do you have non-baking friends?  Encourage them to sign up on your team and collect donations online.  They can also help in non-cooking ways- by spreading the word, helping to package the items, creating eye catching signage, and helping to explain the work of Pet Partners and the positive results of animal assisted activities and therapy as guests munch on the sweet treats. 

4.  Spread more than just frosting: 

Spread the word!  Be sure to forward your individual and team fundraising pages to everyone you know.  Utilize the social media images we have provided and share what you are cooking up on your social media pages.  Post pictures of your amazing culinary creations, or change your profile picture to you sporting a chef’s hat or your doggy chomping down the pooch treats you concocted.  Post posters up at your workplace or school in advance that share when and where your Treats & Sweets sale will be held.   Do whatever you can to spread the word.  #TreatsAndSweetsDay

5.  The price is right:

You may be wondering how to price your bake sale items.  Most folks charge about $2 for a larger treat such as a cupcake or crispy treat.  Sometime bakers have found that just requesting a donation without specifying an amount results in more fundraising success.  A generous person who is passionate about the human-animal bond may be willing to make a $20 donation for one slice of apple pie, because they believe in the cause and want to support in a generous way.  At your online bakery, you could sweeten the deal by offering a custom tray of hand delivered treats to anyone who donates at least $50.  Come up with a pricing and donation structure that works for you.  Use our printable price tags and treat toppers for a perfect finishing touch.

6.  Involve your animals: 

Maybe you and your pet are a registered Pet Partner team, you are a proud parent to brand new pup, or you just REALLY love your llama.  Whatever special animals are in your life, involve them by baking up their favorite homemade treats for your Treats & Sweets Day celebration, or by sharing how you are working together to enrich lives by being a part of the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program.



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