Hosting a Treats & Sweets Day fundraiser at work is fun, easy and delicious

Here are a few tips to help you to bake like a boss:

  • Spread the word throughout your company through your company newsletter, intranet, email system and bulletin boards.

  • Location!  Location!  Location!  Make sure to select a high traffic area at your work place to set up a Treats & Sweets Day sale, such as the lobby, break room, or cafeteria. Or, have a Treats & Sweets Day on the go, by placing baked treats on a mobile cart and visiting different floors, offices and cubicles. If you are too busy to staff your Treats & Sweets Day during work, send an email letting your colleagues know there are tasty treats on a special table in your office kitchen alongside a donation jar.

  • Get creative with your event! If you are a Pet Partners handler, get permission to bring your animal to work and have a Meet, Greet & Treats party, where your colleagues will have a chance to meet your Pet Partners therapy animal. Or, be a smart cookie and host a workplace party with perks- a Coffee & Cookies party! Help your coworkers get the morning off to a great start with special coffee treats alongside your grandma’s world famous chocolate chip cookies. Maybe you could have Dress Down & Eat Up Treats Party, where participants can make a donation of $5 to be able to go casual for the day, while also having the option to purchase some tasty nibbles.

  • Check with your HR department.  Your Treats & Sweets Day funds may be eligible for your company’s matching gift program.

Get The Word Out