Treats & Sweets Day 2017

Join us on April 30, 2017

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Treats & Sweets Day is the yummiest fundraising event of the year to raise funds in support of Pet Partners.  For Treats & Sweets Day, bakers from across the United States will invite their friends and family to support Pet Partners by making donations and attending Treats & Sweets Day parties and bake sales. The donations raised will help to honor and support therapy animals, and will help to enhance the lives of the over 3 million humans a year who are benefiting from Pet Partners therapy animal visits.  REGISTRATION FOR 2018 will be up in January 2018!

The first 300 bakers to register for Treats & Sweets Day will receive a Start Up Kit in the mail.  Your kit will include great materials such as a fundraising guide, Treats & Sweets Day stickers, and a poster.

By setting up an individual fundraising page or Online Bakery, you will be able to efficiently spread the word to friends and family about your Treats & Sweets Day event, manage your fundraising, and raise vital awareness about the role therapy animals play in enhancing the health and well being of humans.

Many people will choose to host their sale on April 30 in celebration of National Therapy Animal Day™, but you can pick any day during the month of April that works for you and your sweet-toothed customers. 

Host a Treats & Sweets Day party or bake sale where you work or at your home, or bake individualized treats and hand deliver them to your supporters.  It could be as simple as a good old fashioned lemonade stand except with baked sweets and treats, or you could form a huge baking team and bake enough delicious treats to feed an army of hungry supporters.  Have fun and make it your own!


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