Whenever I have a bad day at school, whenever I get sad, whenever I need a friend, I go to Cocoa, my sweet little puppy.  For me the most important thing in my life is the people who care about me. One of those “people” is Cocoa.  Pets are always there for you. They are good listeners and great friends.  They are cute, cuddly and they can almost always make you smile.  No matter what kind of pet you have whether it's a dog, cat, emu, or goldfish, they make you smile. They are part of your family and you love them.

    Pets can make life fuller and make the whole family smile.  The day I got Cocoa I was so exited I could explode.  It was finally happening. I was getting a dog!  After nine years of begging, pleading, hoping, and praying, my parents had finally agreed to get a puppy.  We were driving to Ikea to pick up the little husky mix that was about to join our family.  Cocoa was arriving in a van that was taking puppies to homes all across the East Coast.  We waited there for five minutes but it seemed like years, then I saw her. It was love at first sight.  She had dark brown fur, ears that were both perky and floppy, chocolaty brown eyes and a mark on her chest in the shape of a heart.  She had soft silky fur and velvety ears.  We took her home and we played with her, pet her and walked her.  Every time we came home, even if we had only been gone for two seconds Cocoa acted like we had been gone for years.  She could make the whole family smile with just one look, she would tilt her head to one side perk up her ears and stare at us with her big brown puppy eyes. Even my parents who were not dog people loved her, I would often catch them petting her or playing tug-of-war with one of her favorite toys.  Cocoa completed our family.

    Most pets have the almost magical ability to cheer us up no matter what. I hope to eventually get Cocoa certified as a therapy dog so others can experience the way she makes me feel. Cocoa brightens my life in the way I'm sure other therapy animals brightens peoples lives everyday. I'm so happy I have this opportunity to contribute to a charity I care about so much. Please help me reach my goal of $500.





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