Ranielle & Calamity Jane

Team Captain Columbia River Pet Partners Treats & Sweets Day 2017

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By participating in Treats & Sweets Day for Pet Partners, I am raising awareness and funds to bring the healing power of animals to many people across the country and in our communities. 

Would it surprise you to learn that Pet Partners' registration fee covers only 30% of the cost to support a team?  My participation in Treats & Sweets Day supports Pet Partners in recruiting, training and managing thousands of therapy animal teams across the nation.














Calamity Jane at Vancouver's Water Resources Education Center, ready to hear some stories.

This April, in honor of National Therapy Animal Day™, I am joining thousands of bakers from all over the country who are breaking out our mixing bowls, and whipping up some treats and sweets for our animal and human friends alike.  Treats & Sweets Day is the yummiest fundraising event of the year!  I’m taking my knack for baking and putting it to good use to support Pet Partners, and I need your help!

Come by my Treats & Sweets sale (date/time/place TBD) to grab some tasty homemade items, make a donation, or make an online gift to my Treats & Sweets efforts.  Do you own or work at a business in the greater Portland/Vancouver metro area that might be interested in having a visit from the Treats & Sweets fairy in the month of April?  Send me a message, and we'll see if we can figure something out!

Pet Partners has registered over 50,000 therapy animal teams who are specially trained to lovingly share the healing power of pets with people in need.  Pet Partners trains and evaluates teams across the nation so they may safely and responsibly visit with a variety of people including veterans, seniors living with Alzheimer’s, patients in recovery, students facing literacy challenges, people with intellectual or physical disabilities, and those approaching end of life.

When Calamity and I began our therapy animal visits with Pet Partners just over a year ago, I knew I had helped Calamity find her place in the world. She has already made my life so much sweeter, and I am thrilled each time I'm able to share her sweetness with another.  Thank you in advance for helping us further Pet Partners' mission and for making the world a whole lot sweeter!



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