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Treats & Sweets Day 2017

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"The best therapists have fur and four legs." - Unknown. 

San Antonio Donation Prizes (to be delievered/picked-up soon after your donation): 

  • $5 gets you one cupcake 
  • $10 for six cupcakes and a sticker
  • $20 for a dozen 
  • $25+ for the whole batch which is usually 16-20. 

Available flavors:

  • Chocolate Bourbon
  • Snicker doodle 
  • Maple Bacon

Donate to help therapy animals, and I bake you cupcakes (and pup-friendly ones if you would like). Easy peasy for those near me, but if you're not within cupcake delivery distance, I am still working on ideas for cool "prize packs" I can mail out, so stay tuned via the Facebook page I made: search for Jess's Treats and Sweets Fundraiser. 

Why am I doing this? I believe in therapy animals. Even though my two dogs are not officially licensed, they have been the best therapists for me. 

Donations go to Pet Partners who train and register therapy animals all over the nation to visit hospitals, nursing homes, etc. I believe everyone should have animals in their lives even if they can't take care of one of their own. That's where the therapy animal visits come in! 

In honor of National Therapy Animal Day™ in April I, alongside bakers all over the nation, am going to bake cupcakes for humans and pups alike to raise money for the therapy animals of Pet Partners. I don't know if I will have an event/party, but I will make that day a delivery of goods day. 

And now I leave you with the Pet Partners' spiel and an inspiring video: 

Pet Partners has registered over 50,000 therapy animal teams who are specially trained to lovingly share the healing power of pets with people in need.  Pet Partners trains and evaluates teams across the nation so they may safely and responsibly visit with a variety of people including veterans, seniors living with Alzheimer’s, patients in recovery, students facing literacy challenges, people with intellectual or physical disabilities, and those approaching end of life.  Thank you for making the world a whole lot sweeter!



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